Nissan to go all electric in UK

News On Japan -- Nov 25

Nissan Motor Corporation has announced plans to transition all its vehicles produced in the United Kingdom to electric vehicles (EVs).

Nissan will start producing two new EV models at its Sunderland factory in the northeast of England, and convert all cars manufactured in the UK to EVs.

The company plans to invest up to &pond;2 billion (¥375 billion) in infrastructure improvements and battery production facilities at the factory, advancing its strategy for "decarbonization" through the expansion of its EV business.

UK Prime Minister Sunak welcomed the move during his visit to the factory, claiming, "Nissan's investment shows great confidence in the UK's auto industry and has already brought substantial economic benefits."

Nissan has set a goal to make all new cars sold in Europe electric by 2030.

Commercial broadcasting's official streaming service TVer (ティーバー) has reached a new milestone with its January 2024 monthly video views surpassing 400 million and total app downloads hitting 70 million. The number of monthly users has also reached a record high of 35 million MUB (Monthly Unique Browsers).

Sony Group's gaming subsidiary, Sony Interactive Entertainment, has announced that it will be reducing its workforce by approximately 900 employees, which constitutes about 8% of its total staff.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications announced that the national consumer price index for January, excluding the volatile prices of fresh food, rose 2.0% compared to January of last year.

Omron Corporation, a major electronics manufacturer headquartered in Kyoto, has announced plans to cut about 2,000 jobs both domestically and internationally in response to deteriorating performance due to China's economic slowdown. In Japan, the company aims to solicit voluntary retirements for approximately 1,000 employees, which accounts for about 10% of its workforce.