Japanese Govt. Draws Up Plan to Support Victims of Former Unification Church

TOKYO, Jan 19 (NHK) - Japan's government has drawn up measures to provide legal and other support for the victims of the religious group previously known as the Unification Church.

The government on Friday held its first meeting of relevant ministers to discuss support for the victims of the group, which is accused of soliciting significant donations from its members.

The measures announced at the meeting include strengthening a system, to be run mainly by the Japan Legal Support Center, of providing consultation for the victims.

The plan also includes having former members of the religious group who know well the suffering of the victims serve as instructors at workshops for counselors.

To encourage the children of group members and young people to seek consultation, the measures include bringing in more school counselors.

Securing accommodations for victims with economic difficulties and providing support in finding jobs and entering schools are also on the agenda.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Hayashi Yoshimasa said the government drew up the plan while considering the suffering of the victims.

Hayashi urged relevant ministries and agencies to closely coordinate their efforts in advancing the measures.

Last year, Japan's Diet enacted a law aimed at providing relief for such victims, and the government asked a court to issue an order to dissolve the group.

Jan 19 (ANNnewsCH) - 旧統一教会の被害者への支援を強化するため、政府は元信者や宗教2世の経験や知識を活用することなどを盛り込んだ支援強化策を取りまとめました。  ...continue reading

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