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Japanese player criticized for throwing Peru shirt on ground

Jun 23 ( - Last Tuesday, the Japanese team received its counterpart from Peru at the Suita Stadium in Osaka, to play a friendly match. The match ended with a score of 4-1 in favor of the Japanese eleventh and at the end of the commitment there was a small controversy with a Japanese player.

One of the stars of the Asian team is Takefusa Kubo, the attacker plays for Real Sociedad in the Spanish LaLiga. The 22-year-old entered the pitch with 20 minutes remaining for the end and with his team thrashing 3-0.

At the end of the commitment Kubo left with some discomfort in his ankle and on his way to the changing rooms the Peruvian player Alexander Callens asked him to exchange jerseys. The Japanese accepted and received the Peruvian jacket and gave his selection to Callens.

The controversy came when, close to reaching the bench, Kubo upset by his injury, he dropped the Peruvian shirt on the floor. This was captured on video and caused discomfort among Peruvian fans due to their contempt for their team’s jersey. ...continue reading

News On Japan

Operations on the Tokaido Shinkansen between Nagoya and Hamamatsu stations remain suspended following a derailment involving a maintenance vehicle.

Japan experienced a scorching heatwave over the first weekend of summer vacation, with temperatures soaring from Okinawa to Hokkaido. Despite comprehensive heatstroke measures at festivals, numerous incidents were reported.

A junior high school girl drowned on Sunday while trying to save her younger sister at a beach in Saka Town, Hiroshima.

Tsutomu Shirosaki, a former member of the Japanese Red Army, who was serving time for his involvement in the 1986 attack on the Japanese Embassy in Indonesia, died on the 20th of July at the age of 76.

Shoko Miyata, a 19-year-old gymnast and key member of Japan's women's gymnastics team, has withdrawn from the Paris Olympics due to smoking and drinking incidents.



Shoko Miyata, a 19-year-old gymnast and key member of Japan's women's gymnastics team, has withdrawn from the Paris Olympics due to smoking and drinking incidents.

Shohei Ohtani is set to open the next season in Tokyo, with high hopes for his return as a two-way player in Japan.

Japanese Major League Baseball star Ohtani Shohei participated in the Red Carpet Show ahead of the All-Star Game, and he brought his pet dog to the style. (NHK)

23-year-old Kaishu Sano, a defensive midfielder on Japan's national soccer team, has been arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting a woman in Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo.

In a bid-rigging scandal related to the Tokyo Olympics, the Tokyo District Court has sentenced major advertising company Hakuhodo to a 200 million yen fine for violating antitrust laws.

France 2024 Olympics is around the corner, and everybody is excited to witness the same.

On July 6, a ceremonial ring entering was held at Atsuta Shrine in Nagoya's Atsuta Ward ahead of the Nagoya Grand Sumo Tournament, which begins on July 14.

A ceremony for the Japanese team participating in the Paris Olympics, which begins on July 26, was held on the 5th at Yoyogi National Gymnasium No. 2 in Tokyo with the attendance of the Crown Prince and Crown Princess Akishino. Misaki Emura, the flag bearer and a female saber fencer from Tachihi Holdings, expressed her determination by stating, 'I will carry the awareness and responsibility of representing the nation, and fight with integrity to the very end.'