Politics | Jan 30

Aso Criticizes Foreign Minister Obokata as 'Old Lady', Not 'So Beautiful'

TOKYO, Jan 30 (News On Japan) - Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso has stirred controversy with his remarks in Fukuoka on Sunday, referring to Foreign Minister Yoko Kamikawa as an "old lady" and "not what you would call a beautiful one."

Aso also mistakenly called her "Kamimura" instead of "Kamikawa".

Aso said, "This Kamimura Yuko is something else. I thought, ‘wow, this old lady is doing quite well.'"

Additionally, Aso commented on Obokata's appearance, saying, "At least, she's not what one would call a beautiful woman."

These remarks have drawn criticism from the opposition.

Koike Akira, Secretary-General of the Communist Party, stated, "This is the worst of his many outrageous comments. It's utterly disgraceful and senseless."

As of now, Aso has neither apologized for nor retracted his statements.

Source: ANN

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