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Discover Okinawa's Breathtaking Views from Naha Airport

NAHA, Feb 10 (News On Japan) - Naha Airport is known for its abundant souvenir shops and gourmet spots, but did you know it also harbors hidden convenient services and scenic spots? Today, a local writer introduces recommended services and spots at Naha Airport that can be useful during your travels.

While Naha Airport is renowned for its souvenir shops and gourmet spots, its convenient services and lesser-known scenic spots might come as a surprise to many. In this article, we will introduce some of the useful services and recommended spots at the Naha Airport domestic terminal building (hereafter referred to as Naha Airport).

Upon arrival, make sure to check out the "Mini Churaumi Aquarium"! Located in the arrival lobby on the first floor, this "aquarium" is home to colorful tropical fish swimming around! Image source: Official website of Naha Airport Terminal Building

First and foremost, we recommend the "aquarium" in the first-floor arrival lobby. Whether you're on the JAL or ANA side, you'll find it right in front of you as you exit the arrival gate. This aquarium is actually affiliated with the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium. Just like the main aquarium, it houses colorful tropical fish that inhabit the seas of Okinawa, so be sure to check it out.

Not widely known? Naha Airport's "Scenic Spot"

Did you know that Naha Airport also has a scenic spot? The first one we'd like to introduce is the large window on the fourth floor. Located in the corridor connecting the restaurant floors on both the JAL and ANA sides, the view of the sea from this window is stunningly beautiful, offering a panoramic view that is quite appealing. The scenery painted by the blue sea during the day is wonderful, but the evening view is also fantastic! Make sure to stop by after arriving at Naha Airport or before boarding your return flight. I consider it one of the top five scenic views in Okinawa.

The second location is the "Visitor's Deck" on the third floor (open from 8 am to 7 pm). There are discreet entrances on both the JAL and ANA sides, and admission is free. Here, you can enjoy not only the powerful sight of airplanes taking off and landing up close but also the scenic view of Okinawa's sea beyond the runway. With the sea breeze blowing, it's a pleasant place to spend time waiting for your flight. This is also a unique scenic spot at Naha Airport.

Services that come in handy after arrival or before departure!

There are also delightful services that support you during those "troublesome" moments of travel. Image source: Official website of Naha Airport Terminal Building

・What to do with luggage?

Moving around with large luggage during a trip can be quite a hassle, especially if you're not using a rental car. But Naha Airport has services to help you out! If large luggage is getting in the way while shopping or dining at the airport, consider using the temporary storage service. Coin lockers are available on each floor from the first to the third. If your luggage doesn't fit in the coin lockers, head to the Yamato Transport counter on the first-floor arrival lobby, where you can also use the temporary storage service.

For those who want to head straight to sightseeing upon arrival, why not use the "Hands-Free Sightseeing" service? Offered at the Yamato Transport counter on the first-floor arrival lobby, this service delivers your luggage from Naha Airport to hotels on Okinawa's main island for a flat fee of 1,000 yen (tax included) on the same day (reception until 1 pm).

Similarly, you can also send your luggage from the hotel to Naha Airport on your return trip!

・What if you need to use a computer or smartphone... and you're in a pinch?

If you find yourself needing a computer but didn't bring one, coin-operated computers are available near the information desks on the first and second floors.

And if your smartphone is about to run out of charge, coin-operated mobile chargers can save the day. These are located near the information desk on the first floor and near the elevators on the second floor.

Additionally, if you need to connect to Wi-Fi, free wireless LAN internet service is available throughout the airport (excluding some stores and facilities).

Services that families with children will appreciate!

The kids' space on the second floor is conveniently located near the security checkpoint! Image source: Official website of Naha Airport Terminal Building

・There's also a spot for small children to play!

A "Kids' Space" where small children can play is set up near the security checkpoint on the second floor. There are benches nearby for adults to sit as well. Furthermore, the "Welcome Hall" on the second floor is equipped with playground equipment and photo sticker machines, which can be a great way to spend time if you're traveling with children.

・Stroller rental available for the entire duration of the trip

At the Barrier-Free Tour Center in the arrival lobby on the first floor, you can rent strollers and wheelchairs. These are not just for the day but can be borrowed for the entire duration of your trip, which is very convenient. If you wish to use this service, make sure to reserve at least three days in advance (charges apply).

Source: MDPR


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