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Toyosu Market: How to Eat Like a Local

TOKYO, Feb 11 (News On Japan) - The newly opened commercial facility "Toyosu Senkyakubanrai," located next to the Toyosu Market, has become a major attraction for numerous tourists from both within Japan and abroad. Despite some initial reactions suggesting that the prices might be a bit steep for locals, "A little expensive for the Japanese taste perhaps..." there are actually ways for Japanese customers to enjoy the offerings at a more reasonable cost.

One of the most talked-about features was the high-priced seafood bowls, mockingly referred to as "Inbound Donburi" on social media. Indeed, some bowls are priced close to 7,000 yen, which can seem expensive to Japanese consumers. However, upon closer inspection of the ingredient case, the seafood used appears to be of high quality, potentially justifying the pricing for foreign tourists who may perceive it as a bargain.

Even well-known gourmet and gay bar mama from Shinjuku Ni-chome, Kanade, known for her expertise in dining out, seemed a bit gloomy when looking at the menus of other establishments, "A little expensive for the Japanese taste perhaps..."

However, while touring the facility with Kanade, it became clear that there are indeed shops that offer more reasonable prices for Japanese customers. For example, "Tsukiji Kagura Sushi" offers sushi sets crafted by skilled chefs starting at 2,970 yen, attracting long lines of customers.

Beyond seafood, there are other popular spots such as "Chinese Soba Katsumoto," which consistently sees queues throughout its open hours and even runs out of soup before closing. It's advisable to visit early to avoid missing out.

Kanade shared a tip for enjoying a meal at Toyosu Senkyakubanrai without waiting in line: start by purchasing a bento from "Yamauchi Foods" on the second floor. This shop sells bento boxes featuring crab meat directly from Hakodate, with the most affordable option being the crab chirashi bento at 1,350 yen. Kanade didn't hesitate to buy the least expensive crab chirashi bento.

Next, she headed to "Menya Takeichi" in the food court on the third floor. Among the extensive noodle menu, Kanade chose the Osaka specialty "Nikukasu Udon Small" for 690 yen, a dish not commonly found in the Kanto region.

Combining the two meals for a total of 2,040 yen proved to be a very economical choice that left one fully satisfied, a testament to Kanade's professional dining expertise. The crab chirashi bento was packed with so much crab meat that the rice was barely visible, offering a hearty meal. Moreover, the udon with its elegant broth and crispy meat scraps was outstanding, with a well-balanced flavor that would leave few unsatisfied.

While Toyosu Senkyakubanrai certainly has establishments geared towards inbound tourists, there is also no shortage of options for Japanese customers. It's definitely worth a visit to find a shop that suits your taste.

Source: MDPR


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