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Beat Takeshi Weighs in on Illegal Dumping

TOKYO, Feb 12 (News On Japan) - On the April 11th broadcast of "Beat Takeshi's TV Tackle" (TV Asahi), Beat Takeshi suggested measures to prevent the persistent problem of illegal dumping of hard rubbish. The program highlighted the issue of illegally dumped cars and boats moored without permission on the banks of the Mamagawa River, leading to a debate among the studio guests.

Takeshi questioned the situation, pointing to the abandoned vehicles on the riverbank, "Cars are left on the embankment, but they must have been driven there, right? Are they dumped because it costs money to scrap them?" In response, Mr. Seizo Sasaki, a former investigator from the Saitama Prefectural Police, explained, "Scrapping a vehicle costs money, so people think they can leave them there indefinitely without being reprimanded. That's why there are so many cars parked like that."

Alpinist Ken Noguchi mentioned a similar situation at Mount Fuji, "The inside of the Aokigahara forest at Mount Fuji used to look just like that. There were many cars with their license plates removed, abandoned along the forest roads." Sasaki added, "Even if the owners are contacted, they have to pay to remove the cars themselves. Without economic means, this cannot be resolved," and remarked, "Illegal dumping is a crime, isn't it? So, they can be arrested."

Takeshi then suggested a preventive measure, recalling an approach used at Mount Fuji, "Like I said before about Mount Fuji, there are toll booths, right? If trucks are loaded with cargo, take a photo and note the license plate. If the cargo is missing when they leave, it's definitely illegal dumping." Sasaki agreed with Takeshi's idea, proposing, "It's a very good idea. How about installing machines that can read license plates?"

He also suggested applying the technology used in elevators with cameras. However, Sawako Agawa expressed her unease, "It's scary, that elevator. You don't expect cameras to be on every floor, so if you pick your nose, everyone waiting on each floor can see it."

News On Japan

A meeting to deal with the three major airports in the Kansai region was held on Monday in Osaka City, where it was decided to officially submit a proposal for new flight routes for Kansai and Kobe Airports to the government, significantly increasing their capacity.

The Cape Soya Lighthouse, standing tall on a hill in Wakkanai City, Hokkaido, is Japan's northernmost lighthouse, established 139 years ago.

Kanagawa Prefecture unveiled its new logo, 'Kanagawa-Ken,' last Friday, only to find itself facing allegations that the design closely resembles Chiba Prefecture's mascot, 'Chiba-kun.'

Osaka Prefectural Police have issued a new directive urging all officers to wear sunglasses to protect themselves from the heat and sunlight.

Enoshima Bridge in Kanagawa Prefecture, which connects to the island of Enoshima, is now subject to nighttime traffic restrictions due to complaints about noise from modified vehicles.



A car plunged into the sea at Monbetsu Pier in Hokkaido, leading to the death of a 71-year-old man.

Osaka Prefectural Police have issued a new directive urging all officers to wear sunglasses to protect themselves from the heat and sunlight.

In Tendo City, Yamagata Prefecture, a gas cylinder from a kitchen car operating outside a soccer stadium exploded, injuring two people.

Three people who went missing after a landslide in Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture, have been confirmed dead. The north slope of Matsuyama Castle collapsed early Friday morning, engulfing nearby houses.

A 23-year-old female police officer who had suffered severe head injuries during judo training at the Kyoto Prefectural Police Academy passed away on July 13th at the hospital where she was being treated, the police announced.

A 26-year-old policeman in Osaka has been arrested and indicted for sexually assaulting a girl in his car, knowing that she was under 16 years old.

A kebab shop in Shibuya's Center-gai has fallen victim to theft, with the arrested of five individuals, including a former employee.

A 37-year-old man arrested for entering a women's bath in Nagoya, has denied his intention was to see naked women.