Politics | Mar 19

Japan Introduces 'DBS' System to Protect Children from Sexual Violence

TOKYO, Mar 19 (News On Japan) - The Japanese Cabinet on Tuesday approved a bill for the "Japanese DBS," which will verify the presence or absence of sexual offense history for individuals working with children.

The minister in charge of Children's Policies, stated, "This bill is very important from the perspective of raising societal awareness to protect children from sexual violence, starting with this legislation."

In childcare and educational settings, verifying criminal history will be mandatory. Moreover, individuals who have served imprisonment or greater sentences will be subject to inquiries for "20 years" after completing their sentences.

The Agency for Children and Families aimed to submit the bill to the extraordinary session of the Diet in October last year, but it was postponed due to opinions from the ruling party that the content was insufficient.

Source: ANN

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