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Rising Concerns Over 'Spring Fatigue'

TOKYO, Mar 28 (News On Japan) - Currently, there's a rapid increase in individuals suffering from "spring fatigue." You might be affected without even realizing it.

Dr. Hiromichi Ito, director of Ito Oji Kamiya Internal Medicine and Surgery Clinic, shares insights on the causes of spring fatigue and how to combat it.

Surge in "Spring Fatigue" Patients... Unique Reasons This Year

Firstly, what exactly is spring fatigue?

Dr. Ito: "Spring fatigue refers to feeling unusually tired or in poor physical condition without any specific illness."

Has there been an increase in patients with spring fatigue at your clinic?

Dr. Ito: "In the past few days, over half of the patients complained of spring fatigue symptoms. The number is about double the usual, based on my observation."

Why are more people suffering from spring fatigue this year?

Dr. Ito: "This year, the cherry blossoms delayed blooming, and there were unexpectedly cold days. Then, it warmed up, followed by a sudden drop in temperature along with strong winds. It seems our bodies are struggling to adapt to these changes."

"Spring Fatigue" Checklist: Six Points to Watch

Dr. Ito supervised the creation of a simple checklist to determine if you might be experiencing spring fatigue. It includes symptoms like headaches, neck and shoulder stiffness, lethargy, body aches, irregular sleep patterns, and gastrointestinal issues.

If you check off more than two items, could it indicate spring fatigue?

Dr. Ito: "Yes, spring fatigue is often attributed to disturbances in the autonomic nervous system. If you fit two or more criteria without any other illness, it's reasonable to consider spring fatigue due to autonomic disruption."

What should we eat? Key to combating spring fatigue might be in "breakfast"

Dr. Ito suggests eating breakfast and engaging in light exercise as strategies against spring fatigue.

Dr. Ito: "I've focused on diet, particularly the importance of breakfast, which activates the sympathetic nervous system, improving blood flow and body temperature, and ensuring nutrients and oxygen are delivered throughout the body. Exercise, especially brisk walking, supports this process, helping to build resilience against temperature fluctuations."

As for breakfast, bananas are recommended due to their vitamins, fiber, and immediate energy conversion, which can also benefit busy individuals.

Source: ANN


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