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Kyoto's Gion District Bans Tourists from Private Alley

KYOTO, Apr 04 (News On Japan) - In the bustling Gion district of Kyoto, a private road called "Kosode Koji" known for its historical ambiance is set to be off-limits to tourists.

With the pandemic subsiding and the return of international tourists, local transportation and public spaces in Kyoto have become increasingly congested. This resurgence of over-tourism is casting a shadow over the daily lives of local residents.

Isoichi Ota of the Gion-machi Southern District Association highlights that despite "Kosode Koji" being a private road managed by the local community, excessive and disrespectful behavior by tourists, including photography, has led to significant distress among residents. The alley, a popular setting for internet dramas, will soon prohibit tourist passage, with violators facing a fine of 10,000 yen.

The area's concerns stem largely from the intrusion into the lives of the local maiko (apprentice geisha) and geiko (geisha), with incidents of tourists obstructing their movements and invading private residences. "It's not just here, but there have been cases of people entering houses uninvited," said Ota, underscoring the urgency of the situation.

The phenomenon of "maiko paparazzi," tourists aggressively photographing geisha without consent, was a pre-pandemic issue that troubled the local community.

The implementation of this measure, starting with Kosode Koji, signals a determined effort by Gion's residents to curtail tourist disruptions. Foreign tourists shared mixed reactions, recognizing the necessity of respecting local norms and manners, while also noting the importance of informing all tourists about these new regulations.



In December 2023, the body of a man was discovered inside a suitcase along the banks of the Tamagawa River in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture. Police have arrested five individuals, including the man's ex-girlfriend and her family, on suspicion of abandoning the body.

In an incident that has shocked the local community, a mother and her three children were found dead on May 23 in their home in Shinagawa, Tokyo. The father, who was also found at the scene with neck injuries, had finalized a divorce from the mother just three days prior.

The historic "Soma Nomaoi" event, which boasts over a thousand years of tradition and features armored horsemen parading in a scene reminiscent of the Sengoku period, commenced on May 25 in Fukushima's coastal region. Traditionally held in July, the event was rescheduled to May this year to avoid the severe summer heat after a horse died from heatstroke last year.

An independent support facility in Aichi Prefecture, where several staff members have been arrested, is in the spotlight for its unusual methods of dealing with troubled children.

Makoto Nishimoto, a former Miyazaki City councilor who goes by the name Super Crazy Kun, has been sentenced to four years and six months in prison for forcibly taking a woman in her 30s, whom he knew, into a hotel in Miyazaki City last September and assaulted her by restraining her arms and committing non-consensual intercourse resulting in injury.



A spectacular festival took place in the hot spring town of Yugawara, Kanagawa Prefecture, where participants poured hot water over a mikoshi (portable shrine) as they paraded through the streets.

Located in Kasukabe City, Saitama Prefecture, the 'Disaster Prevention Underground Temple' is a key feature of the Metropolitan Area Outer Underground Discharge Channel, one of the largest in the world. This facility, situated 50 meters underground, can store approximately 670,000 tons of water, playing a crucial role in preventing floods caused by heavy rain.

Machida City has compiled the best moments from their live 4K stream of the kingfisher, also known as the 'blue jewel' and the 'bird of clear streams.' These highlights showcase the stunning bird in its natural habitat at Yakushiike Park in Machida, Tokyo.

The Garden Lounge at a hotel in Tokyo's Shinjuku Ward, featuring a grand chandelier and a high ceiling, is offering a unique experience as part of the furusato tax program.

Two Japan Airlines (JAL) planes made contact at Tokyo's Haneda Airport on Tuesday morning. One of the flights had 328 passengers and crew on board, although there were no injuries reported.

The renowned Kanshinji Temple in Kawachinagano, Osaka, is the only temple in the city where both the main hall and the principal image are designated National Treasures. Besides its deep connection to Kusunoki Masashige and the Southern Court, it is also a treasure trove of Heian period Buddhist statues. We thoroughly investigate the charm of Kanshinji Temple.

In this year's ranking of competitiveness and sustainability of tourism across 119 countries and regions, the World Economic Forum, an international organization based in Geneva, places Japan third, following the United States in the top spot and Spain in second.

With Okinawa and Amami entering the rainy season 11 days later than usual, the question is: What does the weather forecast for Japan's summer hold?