Drone expo kicks off in Japan

NHK -- Jun 15
Companies are showing off the latest drone technology for a trade show near Tokyo. Over 100 firms from Japan and elsewhere are taking part.

One of the drones comes with an underwater craft.

The machine can fly to a location over water and drop the device, which sends images from below the surface.

It could be used in the fishing industry to check on operations.

Sony Group developed a drone with artificial intelligence that analyzes images from five onboard cameras.

The machine can fly 90 kilometers an hour while automatically avoiding obstacles.

Kawanishi Izumi, a Senior Vice President of Sony Group, says letting drones fly over urban areas or beyond our line of sight requires high technology and excellent design. He says the company wants to develop such devices without compromise.

The Japanese government is trying to support domestic drone manufacturers from the viewpoint of national security. The three-day event lasts until Wednesday.