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Singapore, Thailand, U.S., Australia included in trial letting in small groups ahead of easing in June

外国人観光客の入国再開へ 月内に実証ツアー開始

Nikkei -- May 17
The Japanese government will begin a trial project this month on accepting fully vaccinated inbound tourists, the Japan Tourism Agency said on Tuesday, ahead of its broader easing of COVID-19 border control measures slated for June.

Small groups of tourists will be accepted from four countries -- the U.S., Australia, Thailand and Singapore -- to test the effectiveness of measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The trial project will focus on package tours in which Japanese travel agencies manage participants' activities. Participants from the four countries will need to meet certain conditions, such as being triple-vaccinated, and travel agencies will need to accompany them on predetermined itineraries.

The government will develop guidelines for businesses on how to handle people coming to Japan based on the results of the project.

May 17 (ANNnewsCH) - 国土交通省は、外国人観光客の入国再開に向けて旅行会社による少人数の実証ツアーを始めると発表しました。  国交省は17日午前、海外から日本を訪れる少人数の実証ツアーを今月中に行うことを発表しました。 ...continue reading

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