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Traveling Alone on Japan's Only Night Train [Okayama-Tokyo] Thrilling Coupling Scene|Sunrise Express

At JAPAN -- Aug 18
Tonight I'm taking the Sunrise Izumo sleeper express from Okayama station to Tokyo station in a private B sleeper "solo" room

Last time I was in a B sleeper "single" so I was really looking forward to seeing what the room would be like!

I'm very nervous about traveling alone as a woman on a train for a long time late at night????.

Again, it was fully booked and I was just in time to get one seat left! ????✨

I hope I was able to convey the atmosphere of a very fulfilling train trip, with beautiful night views from the window and some unexpected happenings.

It seems that it is not easy to get a seat, so I recommend you to reserve your preferred seat at the Midori-no-madoguchi window of each JR station as soon as you decide on your trip

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