JAXA Epsilon fails on sixth flight carrying RAISE-3 and others

「イプシロン6号機」打ち上げ失敗か 地上から破壊指令の信号 JAXA

Uchinoura Space Center, Oct 12 (nasaspaceflight.com) - Epsilon launched from the Mu Pad at the Uchinoura Space Center in Japan at 00:50 UTC on Oct. 12. This launch marked the sixth flight of JAXA’s Epsilon rocket, and the launch vehicle was to loft a rideshare mission into orbit consisting of RAISE-3 and numerous other satellites.

Live coverage by JAXA of the launch showed what appeared to be a stage 3 ignition failure, followed by a callout that the flight termination system (FTS) was activated. It’s the first Epsilon launch not to reach orbit.

RAISE-3 stands for RApid Innovative payload demonstration Satellite-3 and the satellite was to provide on-orbit demonstrations for seven different components that were selected from public consultation. The RAISE-3 satellite was built into a square shape that features one body-mounted solar panel that uses Photovoltaic power generation. ...continue reading

Oct 12 (ANNnewsCH) - 小型ロケット「イプシロン」6号機が12日午前9時50分に鹿児島県から打ち上げられましたが、JAXA=宇宙航空研究開発機構は安全な飛行ができないと判断し、地上から破壊を指令する信号を送ったと明らかにした。打ち上げは失敗したものとみられます。

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