Case of US sailor accused of injuring pedestrians sent to prosecutors

通行人5人を突き飛ばしたか アメリカ兵の男 神奈川・逗子市

Kanagawa, Oct 22 (NHK) - Japanese police have sent papers to prosecutors on a US sailor who injured passers-by when he tackled them from behind in Kanagawa Prefecture, near Tokyo.

The case of the 29-year-old male service member was sent to prosecutors on Friday. He is stationed at the US Navy's Yokosuka base in the prefecture.

Police say the man threw himself at five pedestrians on a street near a beach in Zushi City on the evening of July 9.

The victims sustained injuries to their face or neck. One woman in her 50s suffered a fractured facial bone.

Police found the sailor at JR Zushi Station several hundred meters from the scene, but did not arrest him because he denied involvement.

Investigators later analyzed security camera video and questioned him with cooperation from the US military, and concluded he was likely involved.

The sailor reportedly said he accidentally collided with the woman who subsequently suffered a facial fracture as he was running from the beach. He denies assaulting the other four people, saying he doesn't remember. ...continue reading

Oct 22 (日テレNEWS) - ことし7月、神奈川県逗子市で米兵の男が通行人を次々と突き飛ばし、重軽傷を負わせた事件で、警察は、アメリカ兵の男を書類送検しました。  ...continue reading

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