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Prices surge for bluefin tuna in Japan

Japan Times -- Dec 12
Prices of bluefin tuna, which is in season, are surging in Japan, worrying fish market buyers and merchants ahead of the year-end and New Year’s holiday period.

The total number of domestic natural bluefin tuna shipped to Tokyo’s Toyosu wholesale market stood at about 220 between Dec. 1 and Friday, down almost 50% from the year-before.

Wholesale prices of the tuna averaged around ¥8,000 per kilogram, up about 30% from a year earlier, according to a wholesaler.

Low shipment volumes for cultured bluefin tuna and more affordable bigeye tuna are thought to be another reason for the surging prices. In addition, some fisherman chose not to go fishing recently ahead of the peak demand season at year-end, an official said. ...continue reading

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