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JAL and ANA offer greener flight options

Nikkei -- Jan 03
In the face of rising concerns about environmental degradation and a global move toward sustainability, two of Japan's top airlines have begun to transform their operations to greener practices.

Japan Airlines (JAL) has started experimentally operating what it calls a net-zero emissions charter flight, while All Nippon Airways has been using a "sharkskin" film that improves a plane's aerodynamics and allows less fuel to be burned.

JAL operated its first such flight, from Haneda Airport in Tokyo to Naha Airport in Okinawa, on Nov. 18. With the one-day tour costing 25,000 yen ($189) per person, the flight was boarded by some 250 tour-goers.

The plane flew on 40% sustainable aviation fuel made from a variety of sources including recycled waste oil. To achieve net zero, the carrier also "offsets" emissions by investing in forest preservation and taking other measures.

The flight's offset costs roughly 330 yen per person. ...continue reading

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