Tohoku Deep Dive: Exploring Yamadera and Drinking with Friendly Locals!

Japan by Food -- Jan 17

Shizuka visits Northern Tohoku region and spends a day in Yamagata, where she explores the stunning scenery and makes friends with locals.

She visits the scenic temple Yamadera. 1000 stones step lead to the top of the mountain where the visitors are rewarded with some of the most breathtaking views of the autumn foliage in Japan. After the hike, Shizuka stops by Enzou, a local restaurant, where they serve Yamagata's specialty: Ita soba aka soba on a board.

The adventure continues in Yamagata city, where Shizuka sets out to explore the city's nightlife. She visits three authentic izakaya restaurants in Hottonaru Yokocho, where visitors can truly get a grasp of Yamagata’s flavors after dark. Diving into Yamagata’s scrumptious seasonal specialties and locally brewed sake, Shizuka meets some of the friendliest locals and together, they enjoy an exciting night full of laughter and good food! ...continue reading