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Japan's domestic air travel recovery gives ANA a lift as JAL disappoints

JALとANAいずれも3年ぶり黒字転換 コロナ回復で需要高まる

TOKYO, Feb 03 (Nikkei) - Japan's two biggest airlines expect to benefit unequally from the country's recovery in domestic travel, though both have high hopes for the return of Chinese tourists.

ANA Holdings, the country's largest airline by revenue, raised its earnings forecast for the year through March to 1.71 trillion yen ($13.2 billion) in revenue and 60 billion yen in net profit, compared with the 1.7 trillion yen and 40 billion yen it had previously forecast.

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Feb 03 (ANNnewsCH) - ANAホールディングスと日本航空は去年4月から12月までの純損益が、いずれも3年ぶりに黒字になりました。  ...continue reading

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