Kewpie to import eggs from Brazil as shortage worsens due to bird flu

TOKYO, May 13 (NOJ / TV Asahi) - Food giant Kewpie will soon begin importing Brazilian eggs as more than 17 million chickens have been slaughtered due to the bird flu epidemic and egg shortages are becoming more serious.

Eggs are imported from Brazil in the shell and refrigerated, and sold as liquid eggs to bakery and confectionery manufacturers.

It has been confirmed that there is no difference in quality from domestic production.

However, it is not used in the mayonnaise of their own products. While bird flu is prevalent all over the world, no outbreak has been confirmed in Brazil yet.

The price of domestically produced eggs is about 1.5 times higher than the previous year, and remains at a record high. The Brazilian eggs will be higher than that.

May 13 (ANNnewsCH) - 鳥インフルエンザの流行で1700万羽以上の鶏が殺処分され卵不足が深刻化するなか、食品大手のキユーピーは近くブラジル産の卵の輸入を開始します。  ...continue reading