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Japan loses to Sweden 2-1 in the women's soccer World Cup quarterfinal

NHK -- Aug 11
In the Women's soccer World Cup, it was disappointment for Japan as its hard-driving squad lost to Sweden 2-1 in the quarterfinal.

Japan's players started off looking different from previous games, and couldn't seem to find their rhythm.

Sweden made a breakthrough in the 32nd minute from a free kick. Amanda Ilestedt took it home.

That was the first time Japan allowed an opening goal in the tournament.

Five minutes into the second half, Sweden was awarded a penalty for a handball.

Filippa Angeldal doubled her team's tally.

That had Nadeshiko Japan gearing up for their attacks, though they had trouble penetrating Sweden's defense.

A penalty gave Japan a golden opportunity in the 74th minute but an effort by substitute Ueki Riko fell short.

In the 87th minute, a strike by another substitute, Hayashi Honoka, finally found the back of the net. ...continue reading

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