Beer battles begin as tax revision looms

TOKYO, Aug 23 (News On Japan) - Beer manufacturers across Japan are rolling out new products in anticipation of the alcohol tax revision slated for October.

Suntory will release a limited edition "Perfect Suntory Beer" nationwide starting from October 3rd, the first in Japan to contain zero carbohydrates.

As part of the alcohol tax revision, taxes on regular beer will be reduced, while a new category referred to as "third-category beer" will face an increase in taxes.

As the price difference narrows, various breweries are accelerating their investments in beer.

Asahi and Kirin also have plans to launch new beer products after October.

Aug 23 (ANNnewsCH) - 10月の酒税改正を見据え、ビールの新商品が相次いで投入されます。  ...continue reading