Kyoto monk caught filming women in train station toilet

KYOTO, Sep 08 (News On Japan) - A 31-year-old monk from one Kyoto's national treasure temples, Sanjusangen-do, has been arrested for allegedly intruding into a women's restroom at a train station with the aim of taking voyeuristic images.

On Wednesday evening at around 9:00 PM at Yamashina Station in Kyoto, a women entered the restroom and spotted a man pointing a smartphone under one of the toilet stalls.

The man immediately fled but was apprehended by police officers dispatched to the scene.

During questioning, the monk admitted, "There's no mistake, I snuck into the toilet to secretly take images."

Police have seized the smartphone and are investigating any additional offenses.

Sep 08 (YOMIURI) - 京都の国宝「三十三間堂」の僧侶が、駅の女子トイレに侵入したとして、現行犯逮捕されました。  ...continue reading

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