Japanese man steals police vehicle from Thai immigration facility

News On Japan -- Sep 10
A Japanese man who was scheduled to be deported from a Thai immigration facility has escaped after stealing a police vehicle.

The escapee has been identified as Yuuki Yagi, aged 35.

According to sources, Yagi was detained on September 7 on suspicion of illegally staying in the country and was returned to the immigration facility after a court proceeding on Saturday. While at the facility, he complained of feeling sick, and as authorities were preparing a wheelchair for him, he managed to steal a police vehicle and fled, breaking through the building's doors.

The stolen vehicle was found by the roadside about 5 kilometers away, and the police are currently on the hunt for him.

Yagi is wanted in Japan for allegedly scamming millions of yen in COVID-19 relief funds. He was scheduled for imminent deportation.

The amount of fraud involved in the case is estimated to be in the tens of millions of yen.

Sep 10 (ANNnewsCH) - タイで身柄を拘束され、強制送還される予定だった日本人の男が警察車両を奪い逃走しました。  ...continue reading

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