Bears attacking daily in Akita Prefecture

News On Japan -- Sep 12
Akita, Sep 12 (News On Japan) - An 82-year-old man working on a farm in northern Japan was attacked by a bear on Monday, suffering scratches to the face, the 7th such attack in Akita Prefecture on consecutive days.

According to police and the fire department, the bear attacked the farmer while he was working in his field in Happo, Akita Prefecture, at around 2 PM on September 11. The man was reported to be conscious while being transported to hospital by helicopter after the bear had savaged his face and other body parts.

A neighbor commented, "I never thought a bear would come this close to a residential area."

People have been attacked by bears for seven consecutive days throughout Akita Prefecture, with repeated cases of bears attacking in areas inhabited by humans.

Sep 12 (NTV NEWS) - 秋田県八峰町で農作業をしていた82歳の男性が、クマに顔を引っかかれてケガをしました。秋田県内では7日連続で人がクマに襲われています。  ...continue reading

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