Yamaha to release 'new retro' 125cc motorcycle in December

TOKYO, Nov 11 (News On Japan) - Yamaha has announced a "new retro" themed 125cc motorcycle amid shrinking sales of mopeds in Japan.

The "XSR125," set to be released in December, features a round monitor and aims to balance nostalgia with performance.

Yamaha targets annual domestic sales of 3,000 units.

While sales of 50cc bikes, which can be ridden with a standard car driver's license, peaked at about 2 million units in 1980, they have declined to approximately 130,000 units in 2022. Manufacturers are increasingly focusing on the relatively stable demand for 125cc bikes.

Japan's National Police Agency's council is also discussing expanding the types of motorcycles that can be ridden with a car license, indicating intensifying competition in this class.