'mercari Hallo' taps into part-time job market

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TOKYO, Nov 14 (News On Japan) - Japanese e-commerce giant Mercari has announced their entry into the part-time job market, starting next spring.

The new service, "mercari Hallo", allows you to choose a job based on your preferences from the Mercari app and apply to start working.

A "work" button will be added to the familiar app, where companies seeking staff can post the hours and skills they need for part-time workers. The service will facilitate matching between those who want to work and the companies. Payments will be aimed to be made digitally through Merpay.

Behind this is a serious labor shortage in Japan.

Company bankruptcies due to staffing shortages have hit a record high this year.

The number of people seeking work through job agencies in Japan has exceeded 10 million, doubling in the last three years.

With 22.6 million monthly users, Mercari aims to tap into the demand for part-time and gap jobs.