24hrs in Fukuoka: DON'T Miss Out On These Foods!

FUKUOKA, Nov 22 (Japan by Food) - Fukuoka, located on the island of Kyushu, is arguably one of Japan’s best cities for food lovers! Join Shizuka as she continues her tasty tour of Fukuoka by checking out a selection of the best food stops in town.

The journey begins as our hungry host meets Mason, a Fukuoka-based food tour guide. Shizuka and Mason join forces and head to their first food stop of the day, 72-hour chicken skin skewers at Torikawa Daijin. This restaurant sells a whopping 800,000 skewers per month! Next, our fearless duo follow their baked-good cravings to Mentaiko France Bakery, where they try mentaiko (cod roe) bread. After this, Shizuka and Mason take a brief cultural detour and visit the sacred Kushida Shrine.

Having walked off some of the day’s meals, Shizuka and Mason reward themselves with Hakata-style ramen at Hakataya Ramen! Serving mouthwatering ramen for just 290 yen per bowl, this restaurant defines bang-for-buck dining. Hakata-style ramen is characterized by its rich, creamy pork bone broth, thin straight noodles, and simple toppings, making it a beloved regional dish. The final stop on this food tour is Mitsuya Seikaen, a renowned tea house established over 300 years ago. They enjoy various Fukuoka-style teas (hon gyokuro) and wagashi (Japanese sweets).

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