Conductor caught filming women in airport express train toilet

KYOTO, Nov 25 (News On Japan) - A JR West Japan train conductor has been arrested for secretly filming eight women in the toilet of the express train "Haruka" while on duty.

The 32-year-old conductor allegedly installed a pen-shaped camera in the toilet of the "Haruka" express train he was working on and filmed the lower bodies of eight women presumed to be passengers from mid-September to mid-October, according to police.

The man's secret conducts were uncovered in mid-October when a suspicious camera was found in a female restroom within the company, leading to a police report. He later admitted that he had been filming for about a year and was interested in "the look and sound of women using the toilet."

Following his arrest, JR West Japan issued a statement, "We deeply apologize for the inconvenience and concern caused to our customers by the actions of our employee during work hours. We will thoroughly educate our staff to prevent such incidents from happening again."

The Haruka is a popular express train running between Kyoto and Kansai International Airport, via Osaka.

Nov 25 (ABCTVnews) - 勤務中に特急はるかのトイレで女性8人を盗撮したとして、JR西日本の車掌の男が逮捕されました。  ...continue reading