Tokyo plans to make all high schools free from 2024, including lunch

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TOKYO, Dec 06 (News On Japan) - Tokyo Metropolitan Government has announced plans to effectively make tuition fees free for all high schools, including private institutions.

Governor Yuriko Koike said, "We will boldly move forward in making high school tuition effectively free and reducing the burden of school meal costs, supporting families with children with a sense of urgency."

Residents have expressed relief, saying, "We feel the pinch of rising prices, so making tuition free really helps."

Currently, tuition for high schools in Tokyo is effectively free for households earning less than 9.1 million yen per year, with public schools receiving national subsidies and private schools receiving additional support from the metropolitan government.

This income limit of less than 9.1 million yen will be abolished from the 2024 academic year, making all high school tuition effectively free.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government also plans to support the free provision of school meals in public elementary and junior high schools.

Aichi Medical University has announced that due to a computer error during the admissions process using the results of the unified university entrance examination, 80 applicants who should have progressed to the second stage of the medical school entrance examination were mistakenly deemed ineligible.

A controversy has arisen over the practice of bringing furikake (a Japanese rice seasoning) to school lunches at a middle school in Hyogo Prefecture.

The University of Tokyo has decided to establish a new 5-year educational program in the fall of 2027, aiming to nurture talent capable of solving global societal issues such as decarbonization.

In a lawsuit filed by Kyoto University seeking the eviction of students residing in part of the Yoshida Dormitory, considered the oldest student dormitory in Japan, the students have achieved a partial victory.