Politics | Aug 22

Former PM Suga opens door to "ride-sharing"

TOKYO, Aug 22 (News On Japan) - Former Prime Minister Suga of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) has indicated his intention to advance discussions within the party regarding the legalization of "ride-sharing" in Japan, where private individuals provide ride services similar to taxis using their own cars.

Asked whether he was positive about legalizing ride-sharing, Suga said, "I am currently inclined to think so. There are various opinions within the party as well, but considering the severe shortage of manpower, I believe such a direction might be necessary."

"Ride-sharing" has been popularized in various countries around the world, but in Japan, transporting passengers for payment without possessing a commercial driver's license falls under the so-called "illegal taxi" activities and is generally prohibited.

Considering the long queues of tourists waiting for taxis at places like airports amid the recovery of inbound tourism, Suga pointed out, "There are cries of desperation from various tourist destinations."

He mentioned the necessity of legalizing "ride-sharing" to address the shortage of drivers and expressed his intention to move forward with discussions within the LDP.

Source: ANNnewsCH

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