Politics | Jan 31

Russia's Ex-President Medvedev Provokes Japan with Comment on Northern Territories Dispute

TOKYO, Jan 31 (News On Japan) - In a recent social media post, former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev made a provocative statement regarding Japan's stance on the Northern Territories dispute. Medvedev suggested that "Japanese should commit hara-kiri" in response to Prime Minister Kishida's remarks on the territorial issue.

On the 30th, reacting to PM Kishida's policy speech in which he reaffirmed Japan's commitment to resolving the territorial dispute and signing a peace treaty with Russia, Medvedev posted, "What do I care about 'Japanese feelings' regarding the Northern Territories? They are not 'disputed lands' but Russian territory."

He further intensified his statement by attaching a photo of a hara-kiri scene, commenting, "Especially sad samurais should just commit hara-kiri."

Additionally, Medvedev emphasized the strategic importance of the Kuril Islands, including the Northern Territories, mentioning the deployment of new weaponry in the region.

This provocative remark by the former Russian president has escalated diplomatic tensions and stirred controversy, reflecting the ongoing complexities in the Japan-Russia relations over the disputed territories.

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