Travel | Feb 09

Hard to Digest Snow Sculpture

SAPPORO, Feb 09 (News On Japan) - A snow sculpture at the Sapporo Snow Festival replicating the human intestines is stopping people in their tracks, "How would anyone even think to create this?"

A visitor exclaimed, "You rarely see intestines represented like this... Is it opening up? Does it symbolize something?"

This unique piece was crafted by volunteers from the pharmaceutical company Daiichi Sankyo. Annually, they've chosen the human body as their theme, creating sculptures of the heart, brain, stomach, bones, and last year, the lungs. This year, they chose the intestines.

The idea originated from the Hokkaido Medical Sales Department's manager, Toshikazu Ito, who modeled the intestines himself using clay.

Ito pondered, "It's one thing to model intestines with clay, but how will it turn out as a snow sculpture?"

Indeed, the complexity of replicating this in snow was a challenge.

A team member groaned, "This is tough..." as they felt the onset of muscle soreness.

Time flew by as the Daiichi Sankyo team dedicated themselves to the project over six days. On the final day, they faced a fierce blizzard, yet...

Takemura Koizumi, a manager at Daiichi Sankyo's Hokkaido Medical Sales Department, confidently stated, "I think it's perfect."

Their immense passion for accurately depicting the human intestines in snow was driven by a desire to contribute to a healthier and more prosperous life.

Source: ANNnewsCH


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