Food | Feb 09

Chicken Consumption Hits Record High, Becomes Staple in Japanese Households

TOKYO, Feb 09 (News On Japan) - Chicken meat is currently experiencing unprecedented popularity! According to a household survey released by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications on February 6th, the annual amount spent on chicken meat by households for the first time exceeded 18,000 yen last year, reaching a record high of 18,558 yen.

On February 7th, a visit was made to "Fresh Market Aoi Showacho Store" in Abeno Ward, Osaka City, to discover the secret behind this popularity. The supermarket was bustling with customers seeking chicken meat, noted for its affordability compared to pork and beef. Prices on the day showed chicken thighs at 105 yen per 100g, significantly cheaper than pork belly at 239 yen per 100g and beef shoulder at 529 yen per 100g, making chicken an appealing option for budget-conscious shoppers.

Shoppers expressed their appreciation for chicken's stable pricing and nutritional value, highlighting its versatility in various dishes. The preference for chicken over beef when not specifically craving beef was a common sentiment. Recipe search site Cookpad also reflects this trend, with chicken recipes outnumbering beef, signaling a shift towards poultry in culinary preferences.

Fresh Market Aoi's President, Mr. Uchida, reported that chicken dishes have been selling exceptionally well, with sales exceeding the previous year's by more than 150%. The supermarket has focused on expanding its selection of original chicken dishes, emphasizing the cost-effectiveness and ease of cooking with chicken.

As prices continue to rise, chicken meat remains a steadfast ally for households, with its popularity showing no signs of waning.

Source: MBS NEWS


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