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Consumer Agency Challenges "Low-Carb" Rice Cooker Claims

TOKYO, Feb 09 (News On Japan) - The Consumer Affairs Agency has called for preventive measures against four companies selling rice cookers advertised with "carb-cutting" features, citing a lack of rational basis for such claims.

Deceptive Carb-Cutting Claims Exposed

Among the array of rice cookers on the market, some products have been promoted for their ability to significantly reduce carbohydrate content during cooking. However, on February 8th, the Consumer Affairs Agency issued orders for measures to prevent recurrence to Nitori, Areti, Risou Japan, and AINEX, citing violations of the Act against Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Representations.

Agency's Findings Reveal Misleading Practices

During a press conference, the agency criticized the advertised benefits of these products as lacking a reasonable basis, leading to actions against the companies for misleading superior representations. The four companies had claimed their rice cookers could cut carbs by 33% to 59% compared to regular rice cookers.

However, the agency's investigation found that rice cooked with the carb-cutting feature simply had a higher water content, resulting in a lower proportion of carbohydrates - a mere "apparent reduction" in carbs.

Public Reaction and Company Responses

The findings suggest that the rice produced is akin to hospital food, baby food, or porridge in terms of moisture content, allowing for an apparent reduction in carbs without actually removing them. This revelation has sparked comments from the public, with a person in their 20s expressing disappointment: "With so many people concerned about carbs these days, it feels like a betrayal of expectations."

In response to the agency's orders, the four companies, including Nitori and Areti, have stated their intention to take the findings seriously and commit to preventing future occurrences, signaling a move towards more responsible advertising and consumer practices.

Source: ANN

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