Akita's Kanto event held on smaller scale

NHK -- Oct 18
Performers balancing long bamboo poles arrayed with paper lanterns displayed their skills in front of Akita Station in northern Japan on Sunday.

The performance is usually held every year in August as the annual Akita Kanto Festival, which was cancelled for the second straight year due to the pandemic.

Sunday's event was held on a smaller scale, with about 30 performers tested for the virus and wearing face shields.

A woman in her 20's who attended the event said she was able to show the performance to her 2-year-old child for the first time.

A high-school student who was among the performers said he had taken part in the festival every year since he was three years old.

He said he was not satisfied with his performance, but he was happy he could perform in front of spectators.

秋田市中心部の幹線道路として知られる「広小路」を歩行者天国にしたイベントが17日に開かれ、多くの家族連れなどでにぎわった。 - Live News あきた [AKT公式]