Former princess, husband prepare for life in US

NHK -- Oct 28
Japan's former princess Mako and her husband have started their life as newlyweds at a condo in Tokyo. They are preparing to settle in New York, where husband Komuro Kei works at a law firm.

The former Imperial family member is the eldest daughter of Crown Prince Akishino and a niece of Emperor Naruhito. Mako has become a commoner after marrying her former college classmate on Tuesday.

On their behalf, an official of the Imperial Household Agency filed their marriage registration with a municipal administration on Tuesday morning. The registration marked her departure from the Imperial family.

A procedure at the agency to officially remove Mako from the Imperial family register is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon.

The couple held a news conference on Tuesday afternoon after getting married.

Komuro Mako stressed that her husband is irreplaceable for her, and that the two needed to get married in order to live in a way that is true to their hearts.

Komuro Kei said, "I love Mako." He added that he hopes to spend his life, which he can live only once, with the loved one.

The newlyweds live together and are preparing to obtain a passport and visa for Mako.

Komuro Kei took the New York bar exam in July, with results due shortly. He has secured a job at a law firm in the US state. Mako is reportedly planning to land a job, too.

The couple is reportedly planning to choose a rented studio apartment in New York as their residence.