Twitter Killer waits for the end on death row in Japan -- Oct 31
From the fleeting late summer to mid-October in 2017 a serial killer painted the streets of a dreary Toyko ex-burb crimson.

By the time the killer finished his macabre handiwork, a man and eight young women and girls were dead. They were between the ages of 15 and 26.

Killed in the most vile manner, Japanese cops and newspapers called their suspect The Twitter Killer.

Takahiro Shiraishi lived in a squalid apartment in Zama, a Tokyo bedroom community. His profession was equally grubby: Shiraishi worked as a scout luring young women into the sex trade in the city’s largest red-light district.

Locals warned young women about a “creepy scout” luring women and girls into the brothels.

In his lair, he began trolling Twitter, targeting suicidal young women. Shiraishi would help them kill themselves while he watched. This was tried and true territory for the twisted young man who choked girls during sex in high school.

One by one, the women disappeared. ...continue reading