Japan’s Shinto Festival Sees Men Bathing In Ice-Cold Water In Tokyo Shrine

TOKYO, Jan 17 (news18.com) - The world is full of cultures and traditions that fascinate us. While some of them make sense to us, others don’t and as much as they seem bizarre, people following them continue to do so with complete faith.
One such fascinating ritual is Japan’s Shinto ritual where people dressed in white robes clap and chant before going into an ice water bath. The new year’s ritual in Japan saw a group of men bathe in ice water on January 14 to purify their souls and wish for good fortune this year. The Daily Mail reported that the believers gathered at the Kanda Myojin shrine in Tokyo to participate in the annual cold water endurance ceremony. Photographs captured the moment men poured wooden pots full of ice-cold water over their bodies. The photographs show the men dressed in white loincloths and headbands. ...continue reading

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