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Airline founder flies to Japan airport to apologise to stranded passengers

news9live.com -- May 17
A founder of Japan’s airline is making rounds all across the internet for flying to an airport to issue an apology to all the passengers that were stuck there for a night.

In what could be called a heart-warming gesture, Chang Kuo-Wei, chairman of Starlux Airlines on Sunday, made a visit to Japan’s Narita International Airport to render an apology to almost 300 passengers after their flight got delayed.

In a video making rounds on social media, Kuo-Wei could be seen explaining to the passengers that “really strong winds” were the reason why the flight got delayed.

He also said that the airline will return the money of all the passengers. Due to the aircraft maintenance check, the second flight was delayed, he added.

Earlier on May 6, after two flights got delayed, the passengers had to spend their entire night at the Narita International Airport. ...continue reading

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