Tokyo Yamanote Line train evacuated over passenger with knife

TOKYO, Jun 26 (NHK) - Passengers evacuated a train in central Tokyo on Sunday after a man was spotted carrying a knife. Three people were injured in the rush to get off the train.

Police received an emergency call saying that a person with a knife was in a train car at Shinjuku Station on the Yamanote loop line. The man, who is believed to be a foreign national, was taken to a police station.

The man told police that he is a cook and was on his way home from work. He said he was using a towel to cover the knife and it slipped off when he fell asleep.

East Japan Railway says a passenger pushed an emergency button on the train just before it arrived at Shinjuku Station.

The Tokyo Fire Department says three people fell down and were injured while evacuating.

Yamanote Line trains were suspended for about 20 minutes from around 4 p.m. because of the incident.

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