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Japan plans guidelines for AI-savvy human resources

The Japan News -- Aug 08
The Economy, Trade and Industry Ministry has compiled new guidelines for businesses to develop human resources proficient in the use of generative artificial intelligence.

While citing communication skills as necessary for the full use of generative AI, the guidelines warn against excessive reliance on the technology, noting the importance of ethics and education.

Japan lacks personnel with expertise in AI or data analysis. The ministry aims to help companies achieve digital transformation by encouraging the appropriate use of AI through the guidelines.

The ministry released a revised version of the Digital Skills Standard, a set of guidelines for human resource development that outlines skills and other aspects of the digital field, on Monday.

The guidelines state that the emergence of generative AI is requiring changes in the way work is performed, noting that “the ability to critically study things will be more important than ever.” In order to give precise instructions and elicit appropriate responses from AI, the guidelines call for improving the ability to communicate or verbalize, including in Japanese. ...continue reading

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