Grisly remains of headless cat found in Kobe

TOKYO, Aug 10 (News On Japan) - The decapitated body of a cat with its head and tail missing was found Wednesday morning on the roadside in Nishi Ward, Kobe City.

The white female cat's head appears to have been severed with a blade, leaving the remaining body approximately 40 centimeters in length.

The timing of the cat's death has not been determined.

The police are investigating the possibility of a violation of animal protection laws.

Since May of this year, decapitated cat corpses and cat heads have been discovered in several locations in Hyogo Prefecture, including Kobe City, Himeji City, and Fukusaki Town.

Aug 10 (YOMIURI) - 9日午前8時半ごろ、神戸市西区の路上で、頭と尻尾のないネコの死体が見つかりました。  ...continue reading