Bangladeshi man in Japan dies trying to save drowning children

TOKYO, Sep 11 (News On Japan) - The body of a Bangladeshi man has been found at the bottom of a river in Yamanashi Prefecture after he attempted to rescue drowning children on Sunday.

An emergency call at around 11 AM on September 10 reported that "a man has drowned" in Fushi River in Minamibumachi, Yamanashi Prefecture.

According to police, a Bangladeshi man named Kabir Emdee Kairu (39), along with 19 people from five families of colleagues from his company, was playing in the water when two children aged 11 and 12 began to drown.

As some of the adults dived into the river to rescue the children, Kairu's whereabouts became unknown.

After a search by rescuers, Kairu's body was found approximately four hours later at the bottom of the river very close to the scene, his death confirmed.

The river had been dammed, and was at a depth of approximately 2.5 meters.

Sep 11 (ANNnewsCH) - 山梨県で、川で溺れた子どもを救助しようとした男性が行方不明になりました。その後、男性は川の底で発見され、死亡が確認されました。  ...continue reading

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