Wanted Japanese man re-captured in Thailand after daring escape

News On Japan -- Sep 12
BANGKOK, Sep 12 (News On Japan) -

A Japanese man who escaped from an immigration facility in Bangkok by commandeering a police vehicle has been apprehended in Pattaya, 150 kilometers from the Thai capital.

According to local police, the suspect, identified as Yuki Yagi (35), seized a police vehicle on Sunday and escaped an immigration facility in Bangkok, breaking the facility's doors while speeding off.

Yagi reportedly dumped the police vehicle and took a taxi to a hotel in Pattaya to hide out.

When police raided the hotel, Yagi broke a window in an attempt to resist capture, but was eventually taken into custody and returned to the immigration center.

Yagi was wanted in Japan on charges of fraud, with his deportation to Japan imminent.

It is expected that he will go through legal proceedings in Thailand regarding his latest escape, and if found guilty, will be incarcerated in a Thai prison.

Sep 12 (ANNnewsCH) - タイの首都バンコクで収容先の入管施設から警察車両を奪い、逃走していた日本人の男が逮捕されました。  ...continue reading

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