What is Workman's unique strategy?

TOKYO, Oct 16 (News On Japan) - Workman, a major work wear company, announced its expansion into the global market in August of this year, starting with the opening of a store in Taiwan in 2027.

The driving force behind Workman's success is Managing Director Tetsuo Tsuchiya. He has created a string of new business formats, such as "Workman Plus," "Workman Women," and "Workman Pro," expanding the business and conquering untapped markets.

Workman's sales have more than doubled in five years to approximately 169.8 billion yen.

Tsuchiya's approach includes unique ideas such as "not setting deadlines or quotas for work" and a "white franchise" model, where the parent company provides support and assistance to franchisees without imposing strict or burdensome requirements.

In September, Workman opened a new store in Ginza called "Workman Colors" that emphasizes the sale of stylish designs alone.

In an unprecedented move, the company appointed a camping blogger, and former official ambassador of Workman, as an external director.

Will this winning streak continue? This video explores Workman's challenges ahead.