'DJ SODA' reaches settlement over sexual harassment

TOKYO, Nov 03 (News On Japan) - Three 'DJ SODA' fans accused of groping the South Korean idol have had criminal charges dropped following an a settlement without any monetary compensation.

The singer claimed she was touched on the chest and elsewhere by multiple audience members during a music event in Izumisano City, Osaka Prefecture.

The event organizer 'TryHard Japan' had filed criminal charges against three members of the audience, both male and female, on suspicions of indecent assault without consent.

The event organizing company announced that the three accused individuals had submitted letters of apology to DJ SODA.

It was confirmed that they deeply regretted and reflected on their actions. The apology was accepted, and a settlement was reached without any monetary compensation.

On Nov 1, the event organizing company withdrew the accusations and has requested lenient treatment by the investigative authorities.

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