Japan's 'Generation Z' prefer 'authentic' shopping

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TOKYO, Nov 09 (News On Japan) - Japanese young women tend to prioritize authenticity in their purchasing preferences, based on a survey for this year's Trend Awards.

SHIBUYA109 Lab announced the results of the 2023 Trend Awards following a survey of 510 young women from Generation Z.

In the cafe & gourmet category, the top spot was taken by "10 Yen Bread," a snack in the shape of a 10 yen coin filled with mozzarella cheese.

In the social media content category, "Hikiniki Pose" (Ground Meat Pose) performed by members of the junior high school YouTuber group "Chonmage Kozou" won first place.

109 has assessed that Generation Z has a tendency to place importance on 'authenticity' in their consumption habits, and that 'short videos' have become the mainstream way of gathering information.