In Japan, you're not alone in being alone

Social embrace of 'solo katsu' shows that to deal with solitude, relish it

Nikkei -- Nov 15

Loneliness is a globally recognized social malaise in our fast-paced society, exacerbated by the recent pandemic. But there is a flip side to it: If loneliness evokes a sense of isolation, even in the presence of other people, its cheerful sister is solitude, a consequence of a proactive choice to be alone for reflection or to enjoy one's own company. Japan leads by example in embracing -- and even commercializing -- solitude.

Solo katsu, short for solo katsudo (solo activities), describes engaging by oneself in activities traditionally considered to be group-led, ranging from solo eating for beginners to solo camping for the advanced. The phenomenon, which has gained popularity in Japan over the last decade, has found its place in Japanese popular culture, becoming widely commercialized. ...continue reading