Runaway tire from modified car leaves 4-year-old girl in critical condition

SAPPORO, Nov 15 (News On Japan) - A 49-year-old driver of a modified car has been arrested after his tire fell off and knocked a young girl unconscious, leaving her in critical condition in Sapporo on Tuesday.

Just before the accident, a Suzuki Jimny modified with wide tires was seen driving erratically, doing spins outside of house that capture the footage on a security camera 10 minutes before the accident.

A witness reported, "I was watching from the second floor, wondering what was going on, and then I saw someone get out and check the tires, so I thought there might be something wrong with the car's wheels."

Around 1:30 PM yesterday in Sapporo City's Nishi Ward, a tire came off a light vehicle while it was in motion, striking a girl believed to be 4 years old who was walking on the sidewalk. The girl is in a coma and in critical condition.

Police have arrested the driver on suspicion of negligent driving causing injury.

The Suzuki is believed to have been modified in a way that the tires protruded outside the body of the vehicle, and the police are investigating its maintenance record.